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Why Engage Resource Squared?

We offer competitive contingency-based placement costs paid only upon successful hire as well as premium placement plans that will expedite your company’s needs. 

Given the dynamic nature of modern business, recruiting needs commonly change in both volume and type. It is important to establish a versatile recruiting partnership that will continually respond to your needs. A strategic relationship with Resource Squared will give you the piece of mind to know we are working with you towards the shared success of your business.

Superior Recruiting Expertise

Each Resource Squared recruiter assigned to you has work experience that helps them understand the needs of your specific industry, consequently, our recruiting knowledge comes from first-hand experience. We have faced and understand the same challenges as our candidates and clients.

Secure Top Talent

The best applicants rarely post a resume or respond to a job advertisement. The foundation of Resource Squared is the high-quality candidates that we proactively identify and recruit. For that reason we are constantly networking with new, talented candidates and solidifying our relationships with those in our database.

Efficiently Optimize Staffing

There are a multitude of reasons for hiring an executive or sales professional and many of them are impossible to predict a year or quarter ahead. It is significantly advantageous for an organization to engage with a firm that, on any given day, can scale to exactly meet your demand. Resource Squared is built to perform for you in this way.

Significantly Lower Attrition

A wider variety of properly assessed candidates leads to better hiring decisions. Accurate recruiting by Resource Squared allows you to build a team of loyal employees who are a cultural fit for your organization, retaining your talent with decreased training costs.

Painless HR Solutions

We are realize that no matter the size of your business, HR and Payroll can represent a large segment of your time and cannot be left unattended. Partnering with Resource Squared will allow you and your team to not get bogged down and can offer you a simplistic solution to this aspect of your business. Additionally, we have made strategic partnerships with the largest Human Resources and Payroll providers to give you enterprise level services at a discounted rate.

We manage all of your recruiting, staffing, payroll, and human resource needs to assist you in maintaining a happy, healthy work environment.


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