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Executive recruitment agencies like Resource Squared understand that hiring for executive, senior-level, and C-level positions can be especially challenging. And, recruiting teams have put the focus on gaining the skills and experience needed to help business owners. They know how to help companies find trustworthy and reliable executives to bring value to their teams.

At Resource Squared, our team of executive search recruiters specialize in seeking out executives and other highly-skilled candidates to fill top-level positions across a variety of industries and organizations. We’re a team of executive recruiting consultants that don’t just give you advice; we give you results.

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Cyber/Technology is a critical aspect of every business, especially in today’s world. That’s because in our current environment, Tech support is a very real and necessary part of running a successful business. And, with such a large and ever-growing need for IT professionals, that makes it critical that your company has the IT staff it needs to be a success.

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Financial services

In the world of accounting and finance, businesses are constantly looking to improve their ranks with high-quality recruits. For job seekers, finding the perfect company is a shoo-in to entering a lucrative career in finance. Here at Resource Squared, we specialize in finding the best fit for you – whether you are a company looking to place the perfect candidate in a role or you are a potential candidate looking for the job of your dreams.

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Human resources

When you’re building an HR team, you want to work with the most qualified, experienced, and suitable people for the job. This is easier said than done, though: how can you know for sure whether your next candidate is really going to cut it?

Fear not: Resource Squared is here to help. We have a well-established track record of assisting companies like yours to find and secure the most successful HR candidates across a variety of positions, including high-level and managerial roles.

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Office & administration

Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be nearly 500,000 new secretarial, admin assistant, office clerk and office supervisor jobs by 2022. If you’re interested in jobs like those, that’s good news.

With the economy humming along, receptionists, secretaries, admin assistants and office managers are in high demand. They are, after all, the glue to our offices. If you’re not already looking to fill open temp and perm administrative positions, you inevitably will be. Fortunately, we can help you fill them efficiently and quickly—and with the best candidates.

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Supply chain & logistics

With the world’s most recognizable companies leading the way, online shopping is exploding; there are millions of new shoppers—and billions of new dollars spent—every year. That means endless shipments from manufacturers to distributors to online retailers to consumers.

We can help you find the temporary and permanent talent you need—anytime, anywhere.

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Your sales team is the foundation of your business. When you have motivated and experienced sales professionals to promote your products and services, growing your business is effortless. However, it can be challenging and time-consuming to identify people who have the industry experience you need with the talent to close the deal.

That’s where our sales recruitment agency comes in. We have the sales industry knowledge to identify the right candidates for your company. Our sales job recruiters do all the research and screening for you, so you can grow your team more efficiently and make more sales right away.

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Are you looking for a Junior Marketer or a Social Media Manager? Or, perhaps, your CMO has retired, and you are in urgent need of a top-quality candidate for this tough position?

From entry-level jobs all the way up to the most coveted managerial opportunities, Resource Squared can help.

We’ll have a chat with you, draw a plan of action, and start connecting you with the greatest marketing talent out there.

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Recruiting in the healthcare field can be tough. That’s because there are so many different positions that need to be filled. And, each of those positions comes with a specialized skill set that’s necessary for the success of the new employee, your organization, and the treatment of your patients.

We have years of experience helping healthcare organizations find the perfect team members for their company. We pride ourselves on ensuring that you always have the talent you need to succeed.

We manage all of your recruiting, staffing, payroll, and human resource needs to assist you in maintaining a happy, healthy work environment.


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